Magical Wednesday

No matter what version of agile development you do, all of them share, two very important activitoes. One that reflects on what and how the team have been doing: Retrospective. The other that continuously aligns everyone on what they will be working on next: Prioritization.

Why retrospectives are important

Each retrospective is a great chance for the team to openly discuss their working agreements and to consciously make little adjustments to them, as they try to solve a problem within or to improve their process.

Moreover, it also allows the team to revisit the direction the product is heading, and try to relocate their north star from their current stand, that is their product vision.

Prioritization is as important

Sometimes it is near impossible to prioritize according to any obvious outcomes, costs or impact of different possible plans. But sometimes, it is just plain in front of your eyes what needs to be done next thing.

Either way, what is important for a productive and efficient agile process is to align on what is going to be the next thing to work on. Without this, productivity sinks and miscommunication rises.

When to reflect and prioritize?

Having prioritization and retrospectives on the same day results in better engagement and outcomes.

But which day? Try Wednesday. Doing Wednesday magically transforms your week, both on individual and team level, into two smaller 2-days long chunks.

⇨ Your week becomes more manageable and more predictable

⇨ Your process have a higher chance of reacting on impediments and external changes that have impact on your prioritization

⇨ Your process becomes more agile!