I am a Product Developer

Product Developers understand the process of product development, and collectively have the skill-set required to develop the product in question.


Why Full-Stack is not enough

Full-Stack means more or less having the skill to work on the full stack of technologies that are used to develop a software solution. Those developers showed more tendency to be involved in the process of product development. However, they still refrained from taking a share in the ownership of the whole product and it’s development process.

That is not enough anymore, because product teams are becoming more cross-functional and self-organized than ever. And developers need to catch up with these changes in their work environment.

No more functional teams, but product teams

Functional teams are incomplete on their own and cannot contribute to the overall product development process without a tremendous amount of management and huge waste of communication.

Whereas Product Teams suit the task way better being an end-to-end cross-functional team, of which the members are aligned on the vision of the final product.