Privacy in AI age

We live in the age of Data. Content is created and shared in unprecetended volume by people, for people, across all domains of human affairs. Even politics has become in some part subject for social media influence and the content and dynamics on these networks.

Soon enough, we will be in AI age. Whatever that will be like, for us and for the AI, sure enough it will be beyond our own bare capacities (brain and senses) to have much control, if any at all, over what we want to stay private to us as individuals or groups and what will go “online” with the AI taking over of the game.

Privacy laws, tools and mindset is of a great importance. We have to upgrade our habits, policies and cultures, better sooner than later, to the upcoming shift in where our data is stored and how it will affect our conciouss control, that is small already but hugely advantagous for our species, in our decision making and evolution as societies and cultures.

If that control drops, our evolution as a species will probably suffer a great hit. That might not immediately mean that we will be completely inferior to AI, and less that we will be eliminated as some scenarios try to imagine. But we can be sure enough that the outcome of this transformation and the later developments in it will very likely be out of our hands.

As individuals and societies, we probably should treat this matter the same way we are treating threats of climate change. At the end, we might not know which one will hit first, can we?

I think that the first step is to invest a lot more time in understanding privacy in the Data age we live in. We need to get the handle on it away from the giants of market monopoly and their algorithms, if we were ever to achieve the more difficult task of keeping that handle away from the more mighty AI networks and algorithms once they prevail at every interaction we make online.