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There are plenty of thoughts, worries and assumptions of mine that are hard to assess or resolve quickly. Thoughts on lifestyle and habit changes, and others on controversial topics are examples. So I end up sometimes experimenting with them for a little while, and in here are some announcements, findings and conclusions.
Would I be smarter without a smart phone?

February 04, 2020

Beginning of last year, I started wondering whether my smart phone, with all its related effects (evident or not so yet) on my habits and intellect, have a net postitive or a net negative impact. So I started to test removing my smart phone from different settings, in phases.

Drafting up posts in under one hour

December 24, 2019

This experiment is a recurring event, with unspecified schedule, of drafting up as many posts as possible in under one hour.

Google. Do I need it?

April 07, 2019

Until late 2018, I’ve always been a very loyal consumer of Google products such as Translate, Gmail, Drive, Calendar, Keep, Hangouts, Google+ and Android under the belief that it is a fair exchange of privacy for convenience. Or is it?