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product developers

Product Developers is a concept I am experimenting with. It touches on topics such as lean product validation and development, diverse cross-functional teams, team productivity, user experience, software/technology as products ..

March 19, 2020

Product Developers - definition and roles

The web and the powerful and affordable computers and hand-held devices have upgraded our lifestyle and markets; the digital product sector was born.
Yes we entered the market, and some of us will have to be the versatile and experimantalist product developers that focus on the discovery and development of new products for the needs of people and businesses as offer in the free market.

December 24, 2019

Product Engineer - the skill set

A competent and valuable product engineer does not stop at the boundaries of engineering, and say “give me what I should build, and I will build it”. They engage actively in the process of figuring out what to build in the first place. Their engineering skills may prove invaluable in that process to begin with, and they will be way more well-prepared to make better engineering decisions that suit the present and the foreseeable future of the product they are building tools for.

April 28, 2019

Product Developers - Draft Definition

From a software developer, to a full-stack developer, and now to a product developer, I changed my views on any professional roles I take and maintain at work. The last one, product developer, has no link because I don’t seem to find any definition that satisfies my understanding and vision for the concept.

January 29, 2018

I am a Product Developer

Product Developers understand the process of product development, and collectively have the skill-set required to develop the product in question.