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product developers

Product Developers is a concept I am experimenting with. It touches on topics such as lean product validation and development, diverse cross-functional teams, team productivity, user experience, software/technology as products ..
Product Developers - definition and roles

March 19, 2020

The web and the powerful and affordable computers and hand-held devices have upgraded our lifestyle and markets; the digital product sector was born.

Product Engineer - the skill set

December 24, 2019

A competent and valuable product engineer does not stop at the boundaries of engineering, and say “give me what I should build, and I will build it”. They engage actively in the process of figuring out what to build in the first place.

Product Developers - Draft Definition

April 28, 2019

From a software developer, to a full-stack developer, and now to a product developer, I changed my views on any professional roles I take and maintain at work. The last one, product developer, has no link because I don’t seem to find any definition that satisfies my understanding and vision for the concept.

I am a Product Developer

January 29, 2018

Product Developers understand the process of product development, and collectively have the skill-set required to develop the product in question.