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We all seem to get the basic idea behind what constitudes a team and to what end, but we still seem to struggle in the process of forming functional teams, preserving them or even sometimes attempting to reason about them, esp. at companies that are venturing in unknown areas (mostly startups) where capable all-rounder teams are signifcant factor for their success. Here I try to reflect and think about that.
Why Individual Contributor (IC) is not a good term

November 14, 2021

The Individual Contributor (IC) term is often used to distinguish team members who has no mangerial set of responsibilities from those who has. The problem with it is that it can drive a culture of scoping, measuring and rewarding work per individuals rather than teams.

Teams are important

November 14, 2021

The matter of fact is that once you have more than one person working towards a shared goal, putting together their compatible interests and their complementary skillsets and knowledge, their success in reaching that goal will depend largely on how quickly they become and how effectively they behave like a team.