Experiment timeframe: December 2019 - December 2022

Drafting up posts in under one hour

This experiment is a recurring event, with unspecified schedule, of drafting up as many posts as possible in under one hour.


It goes like this. Whenever I feel my head is a bit crowded with many thoughts on one or more topics to the point that I cannot think anymore clearly enough about any of them separately to make useful progress, then I will just sit down and write down those ideas and thoughts in their current shape as draft posts.

The objectives are to:

  1. build a habit of writing down delicate ideas and thoughts on topics I deal with or care about, so that I don’t forget (about) them later.
  2. put some pressure on myself on doing house-keeping of thoughts, as this process will force me to select those that I want to write down and publish, eventhough as draft posts, as that will as well be a commitment to put some energy and time into them to get them into a final useful state. The failure to do so is public and shameful to me, so hoping it will be enough to get my ass moving.
  3. deepen the practice of sharing unfinished work with others, to get feedback as early as possible, and prehaps even stir things or encourage friends to get on board.

Draft posts will be listed and linked below, most recent first. So this experiment, like any experiment, will be updated when needed.


Jan 04, 2020
December 24, 2019


  • [CS] Bad reusability in code
  • [Product Developers] Confusing experimentation with failure
  • [meta-Agile] Iterate
  • [CS] Advise to Junior Developers
  • Scaling Wikidata
  • [CS] TDD. Careful what you wish for
  • [Product Developers] Fears you should get rid of

This is inspired by a similar attempt by a friend. Go ahead and check his experiment as well