Teams are important

The matter of fact is that once you have more than one person working towards a shared goal, putting together their compatible interests and their complementary skillsets and knowledge, their success in reaching that goal will depend largely on how quickly they become and how effectively they behave like a team.


What are teams?

Teams are group of people, with the following qualities:

  • high trust amongst team members
  • fine-tuned, accurate and quick mind-reading-like communication style
  • shared understanding of their mission, borader goals and environment
  • unshakable commitment and support to each other

Teams are autonomously adaptive to unanticipated changes or complications in their mission and surrounding environment

Teams are forged through experience

The strongest teams emerge from the experiences of individuals going through complex challenges together.

Starting small and organically enabling people to grow and shape up their teams is probably the best startegy.

There is no blueprint or recipe for how to form teams at will

It is also costly to wait for teams to emerge and to preserve them afterwards. But it is certainly way more expensive to have functional teams break apart or never form.

Without teams, the alternative is unsustainable and unpredictable organization of people that will most likely not hit any goals