image/svg+xml Fintech Productivity Open Data Education Housing Team building Coordination Software Engineering Product Development Hi! I'm a Berlin-based highly-skilled SaaS engineer I got over 10 years of experience, building digital products in these topics and in these capacities

I'm also a parent, I experiment with and write on various topics, I co-host at Techpoint Charlie podcast and I stream gaming and personal/OSS work.


I also do consulting for the following businesses and products.

The Wikibase Consultancy
The Wikibase Consultancy successfully helps customers adopt Wikibase and integrate with Wikidata. As the largest collective of Wikibase consultants, we provide a whole range of expert services.
Imagine skilled people sharing their best internet sources in a structured, annotated and AI-supported way.
Selectas HR
Selectas HR is a company focused on Headhunting and Human Resources Selection.