I'm a Berlin-based highly-skilled SaaS/SaaP engineer.

I'm also a parent, a blogger (BLOG above) and a podcaster at Techpoint Charlie

I am open for a chat about product ideas and co-founding opportunities. Reach out at sarhan.alaa@protonmail.com or on Telegram™ @SarhanAlaa

Things I'm good at

  • (extreme) programming and (minimal) software design
  • cheap & quick prototyping for user testing and solution validation
  • pairing, esp. on programming tasks, but pretty much any other task too
  • understanding and communicating the user problem, down to tech level
  • hiring, on-boarding, mentoring and the difficult talks around those too
  • making really bad jokes that make you ponder my existence in your universe

Things I'm learning

  • product thinking, and how to get engineering up to speed with it
  • German (with my daughter basically)
  • flying (slowly)
  • Game development (very slowly)

Important to me

  • my family
  • ownership, trust and sportsmanship
  • reflection, feedback and learning from results/outcomes
  • the scientific method
  • "be charitable" and "assume best intent" as human-to-human interfacing principles

Things I'm not happy about

  • extremism anywhere (but especially on the internet these days)
  • Ad-based business models and the products/services relying on it entirely
  • our software engineering industry, esp. the high-end tech requirements we have been propagating as "best-practice". Also, the effing "agile coaching" phenomenon

Things I'm excited about

  • growing through the experience of raising my daughter (uh, dramatic)
  • the trending privacy-first products, services, talks etc
  • the hopefully-rising trend for "fullstack" and "product-minded" engineers
  • I don't want to say "going to Mars".. but yeah, going to Mars