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Agile product developer, based in Berlin

  • Bachelor degree in Information Systems and Software Engineering from Damascus University
  • Hands on software engineering experience since 2009, with startups in fintech, real estate, education, legal and technology verticals
  • Agile cross-functional mindset
  • Eye for product and business

Skills highlight

Work Experience

Mar 2020 — Present
Senior Full Stack Engineer

Doodle products help individuals and enterprises make their meetings scheduling experience seamless.

Process: Scrum

Tech Stack: Java, SpringBoot, React/Redux/Saga, Kubernetes, Apache Kafka

Tools: JIRA, Github, GSuit, Miro, Abstract, Amplitude, Grafana/Graphite, Kibana, Prometheus, Docker, Helm

Apr — Dec 2019
Wikimedia Deutschland
Tech Lead @ Wikidata

Wikidata, the free and open knowledge base that can be read and edited by both humans and machines.

  • Mentorship of interns, student and junior developers
  • Hiring and onboarding of new developers in Wikidata team
  • Creation and ownership of technical strategy that meets product strategy and roadmaps
  • Identifying and alleviating technical impediments
  • Technical advisory for product and management
  • Ownership and maintenance of Wikidata/Wikibase APIs

Notable achievements

  • Normalized a polymorphic db table, eliminating duplication → reducing storage needs by 70%
  • Upgraded team’s process from push to pull → improved throughput & pair-programming frequency
  • Mentored student and intern developers through pair-programming → most got hired

Process: Journey Model, Community-driven, Dailies, Retrospectives

Tech Stack: PHP, MySQL/MariaDB, BlazeGraph, MediaWiki, Prometheus, Memcached, Redis, Vue, jQuery, ElasticSearch

Tools: Phabricator, Gerrit, GSuit, Grafana/Graphite, Logstash, Kibana

Feb — Mar 2019
Wikimedia Deutschland
Senior Fullstack Developer @ Wikidata
  • Maintain and improve Wikibase extensions that power Wikidata and standalone installations
  • Develop and integrate MediaWiki extensions into Wikibase to support Wikidata project
Jan 2018 — Nov 2018
Senior Fullstack Developer

B2B SaaS for templating, drafting and negotiating high-volume low-value contracts, with integrated playbooks and digital signing.

  • Conceptualization, design and development of SaaS APIs and microservices.
  • Upkeep and maintenance of backend application.
  • Support and maintenance of frontend application.

Notable achievements

  • Cleaned up legacy code and db design → hugely improved confidence and stability in delivery
  • Paried with PM to add in-product tracking → enabled quantitative analysis of features success

Process: Customer-driven, Feedback Analysis, Prioritization, Standups, Retrospectives, Product Planning

Tech Stack: Gin, AWS, Terraform, Laravel, Redis, MySQL, Angular1.6, Digital Oceans

Tools: JIRA, Trello, Confluence, GSuit, Intercom, Mixpanel, Google Analytics, Slack, Jenkins, Bugsnag, NewRelic, Docker

Feb 2017 — Dec 2017
Senior Fullstack Developer

B2C SaaS tax submission tools for German market (Studenten, Arbeitnehmer, Polizei, Feuerwehr)

  • Participate in the agile product development process, as a member of the cross-functional product team.
  • Develop backend, frontend and mobile software.
  • Assist business with data-driven analysis, and hire for BI positions.

Notable achievements

  • Wrapped web tool as mobile app in 1 week → validate & measure app ads performance

Process: Kanban, Data-driven, A/B Testing, User Tests, Standups, Retrospectives, Product Planning, CI/CD, Code Reviews

Tech Stack: Rails5, Capistrano, jQuery, React, ReactNative

Tools: Trello, GSuit, Hotjar, Mixpanel, Google Analytics, Slack, CircleCI, Bugsnag, NewRelic

Jun 2016 — Oct 2016
Senior Fullstack Developer

E-Commerce Shop specialized in nutrition products.

  • Conception, development and implementation of an e-commerce application.
  • Creation and maintenance of internal and external APIs.
  • Implementation and upkeep of microservices.
  • Extension and maintenance of databases, caching and indexing layers.
  • Creation and updating of the technical documentation.

Process: Scrum, A/B Testing, Code Reviews

Tech Stack: Yii, Symfony2, Sass, jQuery, Swagger, RabbitMQ, MySQL, Solr, Redis, Silex

Tools: JIRA, Confluence, GSuit, Google Analytics, Skype, Jenkins, NewRelic

Jun 2015 — May 2016
Full Stack Developer

Mid-long term flat rental online platform, for landlords and tenants.

  • Implement product features on backend and frontend.
  • Maintain and develop integration tests.
  • Participate in company-wide meetings and workshops on and around company culture and product strategy.

Notable achievements

  • Working with PM&CX, fixed in-product tracking → enabled reliable quantitative analysis and data-driven decisions.

Process: Scrumban, A/B Testing, Code Reviews

Tech Stack: Yii, Symfony2, Sass, Webpack, ES6, React, MySQL, Solr, Redis, Cucumber, Capybara + SitePrism

Tools: JIRA, Confluence, GSuit, Mixpanel, Google Analytics, Slack, VWO, Jenkins, CircleCI

Jun 2012 — Oct 2014
Syrian Educational Publishers
Software Developer / Scrum Master

E-Learning platform connecting teachers, students and publishers.

  • Establish an agile development process, and facilitate team work as a Scrum Master.
  • Research and utilize relevant open standards.
  • Develop modular cross-platform libraries for the product.
  • Program interactive educational activities.

Notable achievements

  • Initiative and development of core Java libraries for reading and writing EPUB format for B2B case for modern schools and publishes to design mobile-first interactive educational material and games → school chains with thousands of students piloting the product

Process: Scrum

Tech Stack: JavaME, JavaEE, Hibernate, Spring, Netbeans Platform, EPUB, HTML5

Mar 2011 — Dec 2011
Nov 2014 — Mar 2015
Sabanegh Consultancy
Software Engineer
  • Develop recruitment management software for an NGO (WPF, DevExpress).
  • Upgrade legacy VB6 software to VB.NET.
  • Develop software modules for various projects (ASP.NET MVC4, Telerk Web Controls, VB.NET)
Sep 2009 — Jul 2011
S.C.O.S (private school)
Computer Literacy tutor

Teaching computer literacy and Math in English courses (2nd-10th grades).


B.S. Info. Systems and Software Engineering
Damascus University, Syria

Scientific Courses: General and Linear Algebra, General and Numerical Calculus, Statistics and Probability, Electrical and Logical circuits, Operational Research.

Information and Software Technology Courses: Programming Languages, Algorithms and Data Structures, Advanced Database, Software Engineering, Multimedia Systems, Information Systems Engineering, Compilers, Information Retrieval, Parallel Programming, Information Security, Web Applications, Distributed Systems.

Communication Skills, Business Administration and Professional English courses.

Spoken Languages

  • Arabic - Native
  • English - Fluent
  • German - Basic